Anti-Spam Policy

The following statements apply to website or services that feature or link to this notice. forbids the utilization of this site in any way when associated with the transmission or dispersal of any unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail – Spam.

You are forbidden from utilizing any services from to send Spam or that may cause Spam to be distributed to any customers or services.

Additionally, any email that may be sent or triggered to be sent to or through the may not:

– Utilize or feature counterfeit or void headers; 

– Utilize or feature void or fictional domain names;

– Involve any method to misrepresent, conceal or obscure information in recognizing the point of origin or transmission path;

– Utilize any other means of deceptive addressing;

– Use a third party’s domain name or equipment without gaining permission of the third party;

– Featuring incorrect or ambiguous text in the subject line or featuring incorrect content;

– Fail to conform with procedural standards described below;

– Or otherwise infringe the Terms of Use for does not permit the collection of email addresses or other information nor does it permit others to utilize the services to amass information about subscribers, including the subscriber’s email addresses which are confidential to Utilization of the services is also subject to the legal Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. does not permit any attempt to use the services in any way that may damage the reputation or impair any aspect of any service, or that could interfere with any other party’s utilization of any service.

If ascertains that illegal use is being made of any service, it may, without notice, take the correct action, including blocking messages from a specified internet domain, mail server or IP address. may terminate any account with instantaneous effect on any service which is transmitting or connected with any email that infringes this policy.

Unlawful utilization of the services in association with the transmitting or sending of any unsolicited e-mail may result in civil, criminal or administrative penalties contrary to the sender or those supporting the sender.

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